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Tumjal Eggplant Relish

With every jar of Tumjal Eggplant Relish you open, we guarantee an explosion of flavour for your taste buds.

We might be a bit biased...but we believe we've cracked into something special here!

Using only New Zealand grown eggplants, together with fresh garlic and ginger, we have after years of careful tweaking crafted this very wonderful unique relish. Also gluten free & vegan. First made by hand in Eastbourne, Te Awakairangi.

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Fact: The Most Exquisite Eggplant Relish

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"Tumjal is my secret weapon in the kitchen. I put it on my eggs in the morning, have it alongside steaks and add it as a flavour enhancer to elevate food."
- R Parsonson 🍆

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