Indulge your palate in the most exquisite eggplant relish.


Tumjal Eggplant Relish

Welcome to the home of Tumjal, Aotearoa’s own eggplant relish.

With every jar you open, we guarantee an explosion of flavour for your taste buds. Made with fresh New Zealand eggplants, fresh garlic and ginger, Tumjal is packed with flavour and perfect for pairing with your favourite dish.

Gluten free & vegan we might be a bit biased...but we believe we've cracked into something special here!

  • Gluten Free

    Tumjal is totally gluten free for all to enjoy.

  • Vegan

    Not an ounce of animal products (or by-products) used in Tumjal.

  • Fresh

    We only use the finest fresh, NZ-grown eggplant.

  • 100% NZ

    Manufactured in New Zealand. Owned and run by locals!

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Delectable as a spread or dip

Tumjal Eggplant Relish

Try the most delicious eggplant relish, we guarantee an explosion of flavour!... 

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